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Seeds + 10-Year Bonsai From Seed Guide

My current Etsy offerings as of Autumn 2021.

        As regular readers know, I strongly believe a better bonsai kit needs to be made available for 
those interested in growing bonsai from scratch. Too many bonsai seed kits include seeds that never germinate, offer no support to new growers, and if you can get germination, they offer now instructions on how to turn this sapling into a mature, respectable bonsai. To that end, I've leveraged my 4 years of experience as a bonsai apprentice at Elandan Gardens and my teacher's 60+ years of experience in growing bonsai from seed to compose a practical guide on seed-growing bonsai. My seed-growing guide is focused on foundational bonsai strategies for the first 10 years of growing like building your trunk, selecting and wiring branches, and creating good nebari (root flare). Every order of seeds comes with the growing guide at no additional charge! The physical guide and seeds will be mailed to you together.

My seeds are collected from a variety of locations including bonsai gardens, botanic gardens, public arboretums, and on occasion, city streets and wild locations. The specifics on each seed are listed in their Etsy listing.

Some seeds are pre-stratified, while most you have to cold-stratify yourself. Pre-stratified seeds are typically most available in spring.

Available seeds (on Etsy)

  • American Wisteria
  • American Hophornbeam
  • American Hornbeam
  • Chesnut Oak
  • Eastern White Cedar
  • Eastern White Pine
  • Greybark Grape
  • Honey Locust
  • Monterrey Cypress
  • Manitoba Maple
  • Northern Catalpa
  • Northern Spicebrush
  • Sweetgum


Trees will be sold... eventually. The trees I acquired post-move to Ohio are currently recovering from their collection. Thanks to all those who purchased from me before my move to Ohio! Check back Spring 2022 for updates.

I do have an abundance of young jade, Ficus benjamina, Japanese gardenia, and avocado starters which I am happy to clear out right now ($1-15) to anyone near Columbus, Ohio. Contact me if interested.


Bonsai Lessons

          In the age of quarantine, I now offer Zoom, Skype, or Discord bonsai consultations as well as in-person lessons in the Columbus area. I hope I can be of service in passing on bonsai basics to beginners, especially those who do not have a bonsai club in your local areaContact me if interested.

Bonsai Maintenance

          For those near Columbus, OH, I can offer my experience in styling landscape trees (Niwaki), as well as collecting, repotting, styling, carving, and maintaining bonsai. You may wish to see the before & after gallery section of my blog to get a better idea of my abilities. A few selected examples of my work are included below for convenience. Contact me if you would like to discuss this option.

Bonsai boarding is also possible for brief or extended vacations.

Example: Decandling Japanese Red Pine

An example of my work as an apprentice at Elandan Gardens. 4 years of decandling pines... it changes you. Luckily all the holes in my hands have now healed!

Example: Thinning Alaska Yellow Cedar

Thinning Alaska Yellow Cedars and related Thujas are very time-consuming tasks. The perfect job for an apprentice! Pruning fronds in this way results in the regeneration of smaller fronds as well as backbudding for ramification.

Example: Cleanup & Cutback on a Laceleaf Japanese Maple Landscape Tree (Niwaki)

Old Japanese Maples are a pleasure to prune! They just need their regular maintenance, otherwise, it is a much more involved process to reset their structure. This was a tree I pruned for a client. Due to the major reset, further years of monitored growth are needed.

Example: Pruning Japanese Black Pine Landscape Trees (Niwaki)

I have extensive experience in pruning landscape pines as well. All learned from his bonsai teacher Dan Robinson at Elandan Gardens.

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