Crassula ovata / Jade Bonsai & Prebonsai for sale in Columbus, OH, USA

Last updated, 01/20/2023


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An example Jade - Crassula ovata. 2 years old from cutting. These are tropical and must be kept indoors over winter. Low light and drought tolerant!

Species Info:

            Crassula ovata is a low-light-tolerant, drought-tolerant tropical succulent that can be styled as a bonsai due to the woody appearance of its stem. The advantages of this species include its hardiness (highly beginner-friendly), ease of propagation through cuttings, and rapid growth rate in ideal conditions such as when placed outside over summer. The disadvantages of this species as bonsai include a tendency for plants to become top-heavy if they are not properly pruned and the relatively large leaf size which may be undesirable for styling them as smaller-sized bonsai.

I water mine primarily through misting in the winters, however after repotting I will water the pot more often to encourage the roots to establish (1x/week assuming the soil is allowed to dry completely in between). You can assess if the tree needs water by holding the leaf in your hand and feeling its turgidity. If the leaf is firm, it does not need water. If the leaf is soft, it is because the plant needs more water to properly fill its volume. The thick, waxy cuticle on the leaves as well as the regenerative and propagative properties of this species are evolutionary traits that the species obtained in their native desert environment of South Africa-Mozambique.

Sale Info

            As outlined in my "Bonsai Sales & Services" page, I am now starting to post prebonsai and bonsai trees for sale for the first time since moving to Ohio. I begin by offering these jade bonsai and prebonsai. All are rooted and propagated for 1-2 years and were growing vigorously outdoors until winter. I just replanted these into individual containers and did minor pruning to promote interesting trunk directions and to keep them dense. All are potted in my custom bonsai soil to ensure your success. My bonsai soil mix is well known on the west coast of the US and pricey to make here in Ohio: 1 part pumice/1 part lava rock/1 part bark chips. This mix is not as water retentive as potting soil or even compared to some other bonsai soil formulations, but this feature is critical for the health of jades due to their desert origins! This mix allows water to flow freely through the pot, thus they can never be over-watered in my mix. Also for the health of the trees, each pot has been modified by me to add drainage holes. Prices are according to the pots I used as well as the quality of the plants.

*Orders are only available for pickup or dropoff in Columbus, Ohio - no shipping at this time (more details here).  Contact me if you see one you like or if you have questions! 

$5 - small rooted prebonsai cuttings in training pots + proper bonsai soil

I have probably 10 at this size. Pictures are available upon request, but the average size is between 1-2 inches tall. Leaves are minuscule (1cm) compared to typical leaf size of a C. ovata - may be suitable for mame bonsai size (the smallest size there is) if you constrain the roots in a small pot.

$10 - Larger prebonsai cuttings in plastic pots or smaller cuttings in ceramic pots

These prebonsai had natural curves in their trunks, which could lend them towards informal upright styles in the future. (Right one SOLD)

The two plants on the left have twin trunks sprouting from the base and are totally fused. Many directions are possibly for these young starts! (Center one SOLD)

$20 - Larger jade bonsai in nice pots/repurposed ceramics

These have good potential as formal upright trees, broom style, or possibly a twin-trunk for the tree on the right.

*ALL 3 of these are now SOLD.

The trunks are fused at the base. This will develop into a nice twin-trunk design in the future.

SOLD - Well-developed jade medium bonsai in repurposed ceramic

A dense broom-style canopy. (*SOLD)

$40 - Jade bonsai grove in repurposed ceramic

As the rear cuttings grow taller, this will become a nice jade forest grove.

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