Ryan's Bonsaiclopedia

          Many complex topics in bonsai require years of experience to fully understand. The objective of my Encyclopedia of Bonsai or "Bonsaiclopedia" is to cut down on that time for you so that any beginner can carry out important operations on your bonsai with more confidence. Some techniques I describe will also cater to more intermediate and advanced readers. I am aware that on many topics, I am probably not the first bonsai artist to attempt to explain these issues, but I hope I can consolidate a library of other online resources here that will be useful to you all in a unique way. If there is a topic you'd like to see me explain and analyze next, comment below or let me know directly!

Bonsaiclopedia topics I have already written about:

  1. Where do bonsai come from?
  2. Repotting & Root Pruning
    1. When to Repot
    2. Repotting Considerations: The Water & Sugar Equations
  3. Pruning
    1. The Cost of Sex - Reasons to Control Flowering and Fruiting on Your Bonsai
  4. Growing From Seed
    1. Bonsai Seed Myths
    2. Years 0-2 Growing Plan
  5. Applying Dendrology to Estimate Age of Wild Yamadori Bonsai
  6. Ceramics
    1. Modern Methods for Kintsugi Ceramic Repair
    2. Refining the 2-in-1 Step Method for Kintsugi Ceramic Repair
  7. Species-Specific Information
    1. Roberta Walters' Azaleas 101 - A Guide to Seasonal Azalea Care

Bonsaiclopedia complete topic idea list (links will get updated as I go along):

  1. Pruning
    1. Clip and Grow Basics
    2. Trunk/Branch Taper Basics
    3. Ramification Basics
    4. Double Flush Pine Pruning (eg Japanese Black Pines)
    5. Single Flush Pine Pruning (eg Japanese White Pines)
    6. Other Conifer Basics
    7. Deciduous Basics
  2. Bonsai Style specific information
  3. Wiring
    1. Wire Types
    2. Wiring Basics
    3. Dewiring Basics
  4. Fertilizer Basics
  5. Winter Preparations
  6. Growing Indoors/Tropicals
  7. Carving Basics
    1. Carving on Softwoods
    2. Carving on Hardwoods
  8. Growing from Cuttings
  9. Growing From Seed
    1. Growing Thicker Trunks
    2. Transitioning to branch development
  10. Grafting
    1. Approach / Root Grafting
    2. Thread
    3. Scion
    4. Fusing Cuttings/Seedlings
  11. Collecting & Transplanting
    1. How to Get Permits
    2. How to Scout Land Online
    3. What to Look for in Wild Trees on the Ground
    4. How to Safely Transplant
    5. How to Ensure Recovery
      1. Timeline for Styling
  12. Bonsai Group Plantings
  13. Phoenix Graft/Tanuki Basics
  14. Pot Pairing Basics
  15. Suiseki Basics
  16. Kusamono Basics
  17. Formal Bonsai Display Basics
  18. Ceramics
    1. Pot Styles
  19. Suiseki
  20. Kusamono
  21. Root Stands
  22. Three-Point Displays
  23. Species-Specific Information
  24. Bonsai Natural Inspiration Landscapes
  25. Bonsai Glossary
P.S. Shoutout to my friend Tiffany who came up with the "Bonsaiclopedia" name! 

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