The Trees

(This page is a work in progress.)

Dan Robinson's trees at Elandan Gardens.

My Trees

Expand Ryan's trees. Collapse Ryan's trees.
  • Juniperus/Juniper Specimen
  • Japanese Black Pine specimen
  • Japanese Red Pine specimen
  • Western White Pine specimen
  • White-bark Pine specimen
  • Austrian Black Pine specimen
  • Sierra var Lodgepole Pine specimen
  • Ponderosa Pine specimen
  • Coastal Redwood specimen
  • Bald Cypress specimen
  • Western Larch specimen
  • Japanese Larch specimen
  • Western Hemlock specimen
  • Mountain Hemlock specimen
  • Subalpine Fir specimen
  • Pacific Yew specimen
  • Western Red Cedar specimen
  • Eastern White Cedar specimen
  • Prunus cerasifera 'Thundercloud'/Plum specimen
  • Cork Bark Chinese Elm specimen
  • Japanese Elm/Zelkova specimen
  • Boxwood specimen
  • Willow specimen
  • Honeysuckle specimen
  • Mullberry specimen
  • Rose specimen
  • Oregon Ash specimen
  • Horse Chesnut specimen
  • Big Leaf Maple specimen
  • Trident Maple specimen
  • Gingko specimen
  • Brewer's Oak specimen
  • Wisteria Specimen

My Experiments

To view my experiments, click here (also in development).

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