Bonsai Buds

          Episode 01 has been recorded and is in the process of being edited and uploaded in bite-sized bits! See my YouTube channel for the latest videos.

Submit Questions for the Next Episode!

          Episode 02 will be coming with new guests and new questions once enough viewer trees have been submitted for discussion! Show me your trees below if you're stumped on a design or have a health question.


Episode 01 with Julian Tsai and Andy Bello

Thanks to Julian and Andy for coming on the show!

          In our first episode, we interviewed Andy Bello and Julian Tsai about their past experience in bonsai and solicited their advice on your trees that were submitted. Andy currently works as the curator's assistant for the National Bonsai Foundation and Julian recently returned from his apprenticeship at Fujikawa-Kouka-en in Japan.

          Please see the talented work of our guests on their social media accounts. Andy's work can be found on Instagram (@bellcraze) and Facebook. Julian's work can be found on his bonsai blog ( (@bontsai_), and Facebook.

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