My Junipers

01 - Juniperus procumbens - Mallsai styled

Obtained: 2016, Sep
Status: Growing a respectable trunk.
  • Spring, 2017 was up-potted and soil switched to pumice based bonsai soil.

02 - Juniperus chinensis 'Parsoni' - Unstyled

Obtained: 2016, Oct
Status: Dead
  • Possibly died from Seattle's unusually cold and wet winter in combination with the pot-bound, poorly draining soil. It started to decline in foliar color in mid-April despite cool temperatures and no root work.
Picture from 2017, April.

03 - Juniperus chinensis 'Shimpaku' - Tanuki styled

Obtained: 2016, November
Status: Growing better branching, sealing contact of phoenix graft to deadwood.
  • April 2017: Top was pruned. I made some small jins out of branches I did not want before realizing they were too thin to be significant. This lead to the decision to stop foliage thinning and allow significant, unhindered (only directed) growth for the next few years.
    • The design I hope to lead this too will incorporate more substantial deadwood on the juniper part so as to make the phoenix graft more believable if deadwood is on the live juniper and the dead yew the juniper is now attached to.
  • Prior to that pruning operation, I tied the live vein closer to the wood in hopes the contact would become tighter with enough growth. 
Picture post-top thinning in 2017, April.

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