March 8, 2023

Repotting Scenarios for a Shohin Privet and Intro to Bonsai Soil

Source Material: March 02, 2023

             Welcome back bonsai enthusiasts, today I share a short article focused on a recent repot which illustrates some larger questions we must ask for our trees to look their best. Where should I position my tree in the pot? To the center? To the left? To the right? How do I want the nebari/root flare to look given the options the tree provides? Read on for a closer look at the unique challenges and character of this tree, think through what you would have done if it was your tree, and feel free to share those ideas in the comments below.


  1. Reviewing Repotting Basics
  2. History of the Tree
  3. Nebari Decisions
  4. Planting Position - What Fits Best?
  5. Final Result
  6. Announcements

The final product of our repot. March 2023. The pot is from Ancient Art Bonsai by Mark Passerrello.

January 9, 2023

Bonsai From Seed: Essential Steps for Success - Full Lecture

 Source material: Nov 20, 2022

        Have you ever tried one of those bonsai-from-seed kits and nothing grew? Or maybe you had a few seeds grow but had no idea what the next steps were to transform your seedling into a bonsai! Growing a bonsai from scratch is an intoxicating idea for beginners, but it is also one of the hardest feats to accomplish. In this lecture, I explain the basics of seed collection, storage, and germination to help you optimize your success at waking seeds up. I also explained the steps necessary to shape seedlings over the years following germination which will help you build sizable trunks and tapering branches to create a convincing and stunning bonsai. You can also participate in the active learning questions from home by commenting below and listening in on the discussions and questions from the Columbus Bonsai Society (CBS) members who attended. I gave this lecture in November 2022 for the Columbus Bonsai Society. Join us at

Find the full lecture here:

Read on for more resources on growing bonsai from seed....

January 5, 2023

First Year Reflections for the Bonsai Time Podcast - Ep 12

            In today's episode of the Bonsai Time Podcast, Ryan and Kevin reflect on their journey from 2022 including their learning curve in starting the podcast. They also covered what they are looking forward to for 2023 with the podcast, their bonsai gardens, and the local bonsai clubs they are involved in.

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December 13, 2022

The Allure of Wood-Fired Pottery with Brandon Stolicny - Bonsai Time Podcast Ep 11

            In the eleventh episode of the Bonsai Time Podcast, Connecticut ceramicist and bonsai artist Brandon Stolicny walked Kevin and me through what makes wood-fired pottery so special! Brandon also talked us through the unique challenges that come with wood-fired pots and how his personality influences his style preferences in ceramics and in his bonsai. We also touched on Brandon's experience as a native yamadori collector working with pitch pines in his area of the northeastern US. Enjoy!

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November 7, 2022

Life of a Bonsai Deadwood Carver - Will Baddeley - Bonsai Time Podcast Ep 10

            In the tenth episode of the Bonsai Time Podcast, Kevin interviewed the deadwood carving specialist, Will Baddeley, a bonsai professional from the UK. Will covered how he stumbled into bonsai and how his previous interest in model making helped him to develop his meticulous deadwood carving. Will's carving style is distinctive as he focuses on working with and enhancing the grain of the wood. Kevin and Will also discussed Will's teaching style, observations from his travels, and where he looks for inspiration. Enjoy!

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